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Vitamin Therapy: Mobile IV Drip Services in Ibiza

Promoting Health and Wellness from the Inside Out

Welcome to Vitamin Therapy, a premier mobile medical company based in Ibiza, dedicated to promoting health and wellness from the inside out. Our range of highly therapeutic IV Drip formulas is designed to help restore and optimize your body’s natural balance.

Highly Therapeutic IV Drip Formulas

This IV Drip treatments feature activated ingredients to ensure nutrients are readily absorbed by your body, providing immediate and impactful results. Each formula is meticulously crafted to address various health needs, ensuring you receive the best possible care.

Benefits of Vitamin Therapy

Experience the numerous benefits of our IV Drip treatments, including:

  • Increased Energy: Feel revitalized and ready to tackle your day with a significant boost in energy levels.
  • Stronger Immune System: Enhance your body’s natural defenses, helping you stay healthy and resilient.
  • Improved Hydration: Achieve optimal hydration levels, crucial for overall health and wellbeing.
  • Overall Wellbeing: Enjoy a sense of overall wellness and balance, improving your quality of life.

Why Choose Vitamin Therapy?

  • Convenience: As a mobile medical company, we bring our services to you, whether you’re at home, a hotel, or another preferred location in Ibiza.
  • Expert Care: Our team of experienced medical professionals ensures you receive the highest standard of care with every treatment.
  • Customized Solutions: We offer a range of IV Drip formulas tailored to meet your specific health needs and goals.



Magnesium | Calcium | B complex | Vitamin B5, B6, B12 | Vitamin C | Glutathione – 250 €


B12 | High dosage of Vitamin C | Coenzyme | B complex | Glutathione – 230 €


Magnesium | Zinc | Selenium | B complex | Vitamin B5, B6, B12 | Vitamin C | Aminoacids – 290 €


Magnesium | Vitamin B5, B6, B12 | B complex | Minerals | Glutathione | Vitamin C | Aminoacids – 290 €


Coenzyme | High dosage of Vitamin C | Vitamin B12 | Glutathione – 230 €


Highly recommended in cases of anaemia and low energy levels – 200 €


Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (contact us for more info) – 480 €

Book Your IV Drip Today

Restore and optimize your body’s natural balance with our exceptional IV Drip treatments. To book your Vitamin Therapy session, please contact us with your chosen IV Drip formula, the number of people, and your preferred time. Ensure you book in advance to secure your appointment.


from 200 €