Local drinks of Ibiza

Which souvenirs are you going to bring back home after your vacation in Ibiza ? Magnets, cups and hats is always good idea. But there is something more special, things that you can really taste. Ibiza is a home for plenty of herbs, trees, organic fruits, ground salt and other gifts of nature. By buying this products you not only support local businesses, you bring back home unique experience of Ibizan traditions.

Hierbas Ibicencas


Legendary traditional herbal liquor which is a part of local life for centuries. It is made from plant extracts such as peppermint, thyme flowers, rosemary, oranges, lemons, eucalyptus, lavender, fennel and many others.

The history of Herbs starts from 1880, was founded by Jose Mari Mayans. His knowledge and recipe were passed from generation to generation. Since 1997 the Hierbas Ibicencas geographical designation was approved, affording the geographical name a level of protection, guaranteeing the quality of the product and preventing unfair competition.

Today a lot of restaurants serve a shot (chupito) included in your bill to complete the lunch or dinner. Because, as local believe, it’s not only alcohol, it’s a natural herbal medicine.

Don’t miss to try it while you visit Ibiza. And take a bottle back home to share a real taste of the island with your friends.

Law Gin


The Gin of Ibiza represents a handcrafted London Dry Gin of top class. This brand was founded by four friends who shared two big passions – Gin and Ibiza. Their love to the island was big and they wanted tо show to the world that Ibiza have so much to offer. Untouchable forests, groves of orange and lemon trees, spring flowers, wild herbs and juniper bushes …


Why isn’t there a gin that is made in Ibiza?

This is how LAW begun. Now in manufactory in the heart of the island of Ibiza Gin produced by a small batches for guarantee excellent quality LAW use local products of first choice and the islands pure spring water for gin. The LAW recipe combines the classic notes of a traditional gin with selected regional typical botanicals products of Ibiza.

Also this product is sugar and artificial flavourings free.

Besides classic Gin Tonic, you can find amazing selection of unique cocktails recipes on company’s website.



Founded in 2007 as Totem Wines, Ibizkus become the biggest wine exporter of Ibiza.

Ibizkus produces 11 different wines under 3 labels:

Totem is its most premium label and includes a red wine, two rosé wines and a white wine. This label includes “Single Parcel” wines and numbered bottles resulting from very limited production of between 700 and 2.500 bottles per year.

Ibizkus is the main label accounting for 70% of the winery’s production and includes two monovarietal reds (Mourvèdre and Syrah), a rosé and a white wine.

Can Bassó is the winery’s second label introduced in 2017 and since expanded to include a red, a rosé and a white wine, all produced from younger vines.

The winery’s cellars, offices, tasting room and store are located on the main road between the towns of Ibiza and Santa Eulalia, at kilometre marker 9,5. Also you can book a guided tour and vine tasting.

Ibosim craft beer