Pyramid | Amnesia in Ibiza

About this event

In 2024, Pyramid Ibiza returns with a clear mantra: honor the past, embrace the present, and dance towards the future.

In a world often characterized by individualism, Pyramid is a beacon of unity, fostering a strong sense of community within the electronic music scene. Their vision? To showcase that electronic music is more than just beats and melodies—it’s a shared space teeming with talent and creativity. It’s a community that rejects musical fast food, yearning instead for deeper values rooted in clubbing culture.

On Sundays, Pyramid Ibiza’s program is dedicated solely to the music itself—the energy it exudes, and the ambiance it creates. From June 9th to October 6th, join a community that challenges the status quo and revel in what truly matters: the music.

Though born in Ibiza, Pyramid’s spirit transcends borders. Nationalities, flags, and passports hold no weight in its philosophy. Whether you’re a seasoned electronic music enthusiast or someone eager to explore its depths, Pyramid welcomes all who refuse to settle for mediocrity.

If you crave a musical experience rich in depth and authenticity, free from pre-packaged products and fleeting trends, Pyramid Ibiza is your sanctuary. This is a place for those who follow their sensations, not just the latest fads.

Welcome to the Pyramid community—where the journey into the future of electronic music begins.

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