Club Chinois – La Troya – 19.8.2024 in Ibiza

About this event

La Troya, the LGTB-friendly icon does not abandon its public this 2024!

La Troya originated in the 70s at Ibiza’s KU discotheque and has since become one of the most famous and celebrated LGBT-friendly parties in the world. Created by Brasilio de Oliveira, the island’s longest running, most respected and loved promoter, it has close ties to the island’s gay community, and is notoriously uncontrollable, famous for its flamboyant and unique themed productions to elevate the chosen weekly theme. Brasilio’s flamboyant style is clearly influenced by its country of origin, Brazil, with immense and spectacular decorations reflecting the colours, materials and vibrancy of that wild nation, all directed today by Eduardo de Oliveira.

Join us on Sunday 9th April at Club Chinois for the best polysexual party on the island, La Troya. Resident DJs spin an electrifying mix of electronic sounds that will have you dancing contagiously across the dancefloor at what is already considered to be Ibiza’s most original party.

Don’t miss La Troya, every Monday from June 3rd to September 30th at Club Chinois Ibiza.

Line up La Troya at Club Chinois 2024

La Troya will feature the best themed show as well as music by Oscar Colorado and more guests to be announced in the coming days.

Tickets for La Troya at Club Chinois 2024

Tickets for La Troya at Club Chinois are now on sale from only 40€. Buy online and save money and time.


40 €