Club Chinois in Ibiza

About this event

Housed in the former HEART Ibiza site and inspired by the decadent yet iniquitous jazz clubs of 1930’s Shanghai, Club Chinois promises to deliver old-world hospitality whilst immersed in world class contemporary entertainment to the sunny shores of Ibiza.

The 3000 sqm venue, set to be the island’s most anticipated launch, has been meticulously designed by award-winning Parisian Design Studio, Laleh Assefi. The bold yet elegant interiors celebrate the era of Chinoiserie in every tile and table, which echo an era of grace and charm bygone.

The grand and sumptuous palette is designed with view to be a sensorial feast and behind its opulent blend of East meets West, there is a sense of wit and playfulness in an undeniable homage to Ibiza’s hallowed hedonistic heritage.

Club Chinois will be home for international talent ranging from acclaimed resident DJ’s, Super-star headline performers and artists providing an immersive experience for revellers to the highest production quality standards.