How to Spend a Full Day in Formentera

Formentera, the smallest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, is a slice of paradise offering pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a laid-back vibe that makes it a perfect destination for a day trip. Here’s a creative and cool itinerary to help you make the most of your day in Formentera.

Morning: Beach Bliss and Exploration

Start with Breakfast at Cafe del Lago

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at Cafe del Lago, located by the marina in La Savina. Known for its cozy ambiance and delicious offerings, this café is perfect for enjoying a morning coffee and a freshly baked pastry or a hearty breakfast sandwich while watching the boats in the marina.

Head to Playa de Ses Illetes

After breakfast, head to Playa de Ses Illetes, often ranked among the best beaches in the world. The soft white sand and turquoise waters make it an idyllic spot for swimming, snorkeling, or simply lounging. Don’t forget your snorkel gear to explore the underwater beauty.

Mid-Morning: Adventure and Culture

Visit the Lighthouse at La Mola

Drive or scooter over to the eastern tip of the island to visit the La Mola Lighthouse. The journey offers breathtaking views and a glimpse into Formentera’s natural beauty. The lighthouse itself is a historic site, providing panoramic views of the island and the Mediterranean Sea.

Explore Sant Francesc Xavier

Make your way to the charming village of Sant Francesc Xavier. Stroll through its narrow streets, visit the local shops, and check out the Church of Sant Francesc Xavier. Stop by a café for a quick refreshment and some people-watching.

Lunch: A Culinary Delight

Dine at Es Caló

For lunch, head to Es Caló, a restaurant located in the picturesque village of the same name. Known for its stunning sea views and fresh seafood, Es Caló offers a fantastic dining experience. Try their famous paella or the grilled octopus, and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere while dining right by the water.

Afternoon: Relaxation and Exploration

Relax at Cala Saona

After lunch, drive to Cala Saona, a picturesque beach with stunning red cliffs and clear blue waters. It’s a perfect spot for an afternoon swim, sunbathing, or just relaxing with a good book. The shallow waters make it ideal for a refreshing dip.

Sunset: Spectacular Views

Catch the Sunset at El Mirador

Perched high on a hill, El Mirador offers a dining experience that combines culinary excellence with breathtaking views. This viewpoint restaurant provides panoramic vistas of Formentera, making it an ideal spot to catch the sunset. The sweeping views from El Mirador cover the island’s lush landscapes and extend out to the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. Watching the sunset from here is a truly magical experience. The ambiance is both elegant and relaxed, perfect for a memorable evening with friends or loved ones​

Evening: Nightlife and Relaxation

Enjoy Cocktails at Alma Formentera

After enjoying the sunset at El Mirador, head to Alma Formentera for an after-sunset cocktail. Located in Es Pujols, this chic bar is known for its bohemian vibe and creative cocktail menu. The stylish décor and relaxed atmosphere make it a perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring. Sip on a signature cocktail like their refreshing mojito or a classic gin and tonic, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife that Formentera has to offer.

Practical Tips

  • Getting Around: Renting a scooter or car is the best way to explore Formentera. It gives you the freedom to visit different spots at your own pace.
  • What to Bring: Sunscreen, a hat, swimwear, and snorkel gear are essentials for a day in Formentera.
  • Reservations: Popular spots like El Mirador and Molo 47 can get busy, especially during peak season. It’s advisable to make reservations in advance.

Formentera’s blend of natural beauty, culinary delights, and relaxed atmosphere makes it an ideal destination for a day trip. Follow this itinerary to ensure you experience the best this charming island has to offer.